CLIENT: Georgia Institute of Technology
COMPLETED: April 2009
DURATION: 8 months
ENGINEER: Concord Project Consulting


SG Contracting was awarded the mechanical renovation of two adjacent residence halls on the East Campus. The project consisted of turning a 2-pipe system into a 4-pipe system to allow simultaneous heating and cooling to different areas of the building. The scope included a new air handling unit, over 250 new fan coil units in the residence rooms, and all new water distribution piping throughout the buildings. A complete renovation of existing mechanical room piping, including new state of the art control systems, was completed. All work had to be carried out in compact dormitory rooms while protecting the existing finishes and furniture.

SG had to shift mid project when the existing piping in both building, which was slated to be reused as one loops of the new system, was found to be substandard and needing replacement. SG worked with the Owner to provide value engineering alternatives, keeping costs for this extra work within budget while providing a system that was functional and safe for Georgia Tech student. All of this work was completed in an active campus environment.