The Bobby Jones Golf Course has been one of Atlanta’s top public golf courses since its opening in 1932. Located just minutes from downtown, this golf course has been a popular landmark for decades, but had unfortunately become increasingly outdated. Renovations as well as, the addition of new facilities allow for greater sustainability and generate new energy in this historic course.

The first phase of construction at the Bobby Jones Golf Course consisted of erecting a new dual-purpose parking deck and a fully operational maintenance building. The 288-space parking deck features bathrooms and a three-story elevator providing easy access to all other facilities and daily events. The deck also serves as the foundation for the new Ralph Foster Tennis Courts. These additional twelve hard tennis courts are distributed throughout the second and third levels. These courts are accentuated by professional level lighting and are a welcome addition to the existing clay courts. Adjacent to the parking deck will be the new maintenance building for the use of the Bobby Jones golf staff. Designed to fulfill needs, the maintenance building houses carts, equipment, and chemical storage. The new maintenance building’s multi functionality allows the staff to better address the future demands of the course.

After the completion of phase 1, construction will begin on the Murry Golf House as well as the Bandy and GSU Instructional Centers. These state-of-the-art facilities paired with a revolutionary reverse playable course gives Bobby Jones Golf Course the ability to better live up to the legendary name in which the course was given.